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How to Work Better with Filipino Virtual Assistants

Filipinos are known to be genuine, enthusiastic and respectful people who have great verbal and written skills but despite this you may encounter problems, and it is more difficult to deal with problems in a virtual office. As a business owner it is your job to make sure your instructions are being processed right and result to meaningful work, here are some tips on how to work better with you Filipino Virtual Assistant!

Know Your VA

By hiring a virtual assistant, you are entrusting your business to them. It will be their job to communicate with clients, answer calls, check emails and other tasks that require them to interact with others while representing your brand. For that, they have to be tested first by you, if they seem trustworthy and are capable of getting the job done. For you and your Filipino VA to work well together trust must be established. It is vital to know your VA well for you to trust their work.


In every business communication is key, this is a huge part of your relationship with your virtual assistant. Do not assume that by giving them requirements, they will handle everything from there. The quality of outputs not only depend on their work but also based on the inputs you give to them. You need to utilize your email and phone calls to give them thorough instructions, communication is especially a challenge as your VA is living far away and probably in a different time zone from you. While you can check their productivity based on their outputs, cultural/language barriers may be still a problem as they have a different perspective from you. What you need to do to avoid miscommunication is providing a clear and direct instructions and define the objectives and goals of a project.

As you build your relationship, eventually giving them directions becomes easier and you will know that they are performing up to par to level you expect. You can coach them and tell them how you like thigs done so that they can realign their thought process and the way the work so that it wouldn’t be a problem in the long run and be a source of stress for you each time. It is also important to build their confidence, and encourage them to ask questions and if the instructions were clear as they tend to be shy at first.

Share Records and Access

VAs have to work in behalf of you and to do this they need access to your website and social media. For extra security you may use password managers such as Lastpass. Also, you can set them to be simply administrators of your social profile, this is possible with LinkedIn and Facebook Pages. For Twitter pages, you can use Hootsuite, a social media marketing and management platform. If you have problems with the work your VA is doing based on the time tracking software reports do not be afraid to tell them so that they can correct their behavior and perform better in their job.

Be Realistic and Respect Their Time

While it is in everyone’s intention for things to run smoothly, problems are unavoidable. You need to understand that VAs are humans and that they make mistakes, while they can multitask, you can’t expect for them to do things all at once. You should be reasonable in giving orders so that they can deliver quality work. Unless a VA agrees to work beyond your schedule, do not expect them to answer your emails quickly and be present round the clock. Just like you they also have lives beyond work. Should there be a time where they work extra hours, give them the proper compensation.

Provide Feedback

Motivation is needed for your Virtual Assistant to be inspired in their work. One way to keep them motivated is to provide feedback on their work, by doing so, you assure them that the work they do is important and was worth something as you have allocated time into checking it. It is also important to recognize achievements by giving them a virtual pat on the back you let them know that they are appreciated and approve of their work.

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