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Hiring a VA: Here are the Skills You Should Look for

Virtual assistant jobs are not only limited to performing clerical tasks. In looking for VAs to hire, consider the fact that you want someone that is reliable and can work for you with a long time. You do not want someone who only does the job, you want someone who does it excellently and goes the extra mile. Here is a list of skills you should look for when hiring a virtual assistant:

Word Processing & Other Computer Skills

Word Processing is the most basic tasks a virtual assistant needs to perform. This can include data entry and typing reports, an experienced VA can clock more than 50 words per minute while also maintaining 100% accuracy.

To work efficiently VAs need to be proficient in various online tools, such as software use for collaboration (Trello) and communication (Skype, Zoom). A VA must be able to work using password managers, file-sharing and other productivity tools. The great VAs may even teach the client a thing or two on how to set up the system to make cooperation and communication between them and client more efficient and productive.

Communication Skills

Talking to a potential or current client over the phone, through emails, or via chat messages provides plenty of space for misunderstanding so it is important to hire someone with excellent communication and comprehension skills. You would need someone who is an active listener, someone who participates in the discussions, someone who doesn’t make you feel meetings are a waste and clearly express their ideas to you for better work partnership.

Research Skills

Knowing how to work a computer is one thing, but maximizing technology available to them is another. As VAs can come from all sorts of background, there are cases in which they will be asked to perform tasks they have no prior experience with, a good VA would welcome the challenge and enjoy learning new things which they can add to their existing skills. A VA must be resourceful and adaptable to be able to cope with the demands of the client.

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Organization and Time Management

Working with VAs usually means putting your time in their hands, you would not want someone who is inefficient, wasted time is money lost. A great VA can separate their work life and personal life despite of the challenges of working at home. A VA must be able to deliver a detailed plan for both your tasks and theirs to create a productive work day schedule

Organization skills are also important as VAs will be involved in several aspects of your business. A structured work environment is a productive work environment, with that a VA must have a strong sense of coordination. These skills are necessary as to avoid missing deadlines and doing critical mistakes that could hamper the client’s business and have important files readily available to you.

Commitment to Personal Growth and Professional Development

VAs need to constantly keep up with technology, every year innovative applications are created to automate and optimize tasks. With the continued evolution of the digital landscape, you do not want someone whose methods are obsolete and stuck to five years ago. In the first place, you hired a VA to provide a set of skills to enhance the weaknesses in your business and for that you would want only the best available solutions.

The best VAs treat their relation to client as more than just a job, a positive attitude towards learning new things is key. A VA must constantly seek to improve themselves and have the will to put in the hours for training. Virtual assistants are expected to communicate well with employers and must bring in the necessary skills for a fruitful work relationship.


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