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5 Ways to Market Your Business Online

Marketing is key for any business, through marketing you establish brand identification and build a relationship with the customers. Marketing is not done overnight it is a continuous and long-term involvement that helps your company to succeed. Marketing creates engagement and this engagement is important for gaining clients. Let’s examine some of the most popular types of online marketing.

Content Marketing

Even without SEO, quality content is what drives traffic to your website. A well-structured “how to” guide, an informative article or a clever blog post can all be effective tools in attracting customers. If you are an established brand, you only need to post quality articles once or twice a month just to remind clients that you are still in business. In content marketing quality always trumps quantity, you want your blogs to be consistent, relevant, timely and of high value.

Social Media Marketing

SMM is using social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) to promote your products and services. This includes using videos, paid advertising and short blogs made readily available for mass sharing. Having social media presence helps in your brand getting recognized and increase your reach.

Email Marketing

Email marketing involves using emails to potential buyers and loyal customers. It is done primarily to build trust, create awareness and inspire confidence in the brand. Emails are sent with the intention of improving the seller’s relationship to the clients. Common strategies when using email marketing include creating promos to drive immediate purchase and handing out free items in exchange for subscribing to the website’s content.


Potential clients want to learn what others have to say about your company before they hand their hard-earned cash to you. This is where customer testimonials come in. Having a testimonial page on your website and social media platforms provide proof and promote specific items or services that you offer.

A testimonial would usually involve a short statement which uses a reputable client’s name, face or company giving positive feedback and affirming your brand’s great service and quality. A good testimonial could be the final piece of information that could sway prospects to avail of your products and as a result increase your conversion rate.

It is important to keep your testimonials updated and to always ask for feedback from clients as it can help you improve your business strategy.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is the newest form of online marketing. This a word which may be difficult to comprehend for some people as it is being overused by the media. So what is influencer marketing? Influencers are individuals who have built up a reputation or brand in social media for their knowledge or content about a certain topic. They frequently post on social media platforms and have significant support from a loyal and passionate fan base. Influencers are considered experts on their niche and have the power to affect purchasing habits of their audience due to their status.

Influencer content can be used as a form of testimonial, influencers act as prospective clients and their word about products are treated as credible due to their relationship with their audience. Brands often collaborate with them as they “influence” followers to purchase products that they promote.

Marketing may be crucial for your business but at the end of the day you also need a good product. Having an impressive product coupled with superb marketing and a savvy sales strategy will allow your business to be a success.

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