Top 1% Philippines

Company is a Seattle-based marketplace that matches freelancers and employers. We are a fully remote company with no company offices at all, along with a 100% distributed team.

We provide virtual staffing solutions by connecting entrepreneurs and companies with our top vetted resources of virtual assistants, information technology, accountants, marketers, and other professionals. We help companies solve human capital management challenge, while providing the best remote technical jobs and non-technical top talents.

Outsourcing is not only for large businesses. In fact, all businesses be it small, medium, or large will benefit from it. But it is not that simple. Outsourcing on the internet requires due diligence, patience, and it is more complicated than we would like to admit. This is where we provide the value to your organization. We will work with you to understand your requirements and match that with the most qualified freelancers.

Finding highly qualified, cost-effective and suitable talents for your business can be a bit stressing and time-consuming. To aid your stress, our staffing platform carries out a thorough examination and vet process to provide a perfect match for your business. You just let us know what kind of talents you are looking for and our experienced recruiters will reach out, tap into our network of trusted human resources for the perfect mix of skills and strength to bring to you.

We recognize that doing business consumes a lot of time. When your business consumes much of your time, the time left for you to do mundane administrative tasks are not the best; the efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction of your business suffers the consequence. It makes sense for you to focus on the most important functions of your business and not on activities that does not bring high dollar value.

Our powerful vetting process allows for screening and a live interview to ensure the candidates we present to you are the most qualified. All with the sole aim of recruiting the right fit for your company and help you succeed. What makes us outstandingly unique from the rest is that we carefully listen, accurately analyze your talent requirements and apply extreme vetting in picking top talent. Our proven talent scouting process for identifying “cream of the crop” virtual assistants, bookkeepers, software developers, designers, and engineers ensure you only get the best of the best.

Employing a Filipino virtual assistants mean hiring professionals to do the work instead of you being preoccupied with mundane things. By hiring a home based virtual assistant from the Philippines, you will have a better work-life balance, avoid more stress and reduce your weekly work hours. Be practical and take your business to new heights, hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines now. 

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