Top 1% Philippines


We cater to two customer bases, the freelance professionals on one end, and employers or entrepreneurs on the other end. It is our mission to make both customers empowered and satisfied with every engagement process.

Our mission is to empower both experienced and budding online freelancers and remote workers to find the work would love, get paid right commensurate to their skills and experience, and achieve career satisfaction. We want our freelancers to offer their world-class talents based on value they provide and not compete on price alone. Quality service requires time and money and our freelancers will not feel obligated to provide quality service without the right price. is made up of people with innate passion and genuine commitment to delivering the best work to the best clients. Our humble beginnings started in offering our expertise, services, and skills on a project basis and little by little, we came to realize that we actually want to share what we learned with others like us and ensure our clients who are employers and entrepreneurs are satisfied with the quality of our services. By utilizing our expertise, we will not only cut costs, but we will also boost productivity and quality while entrepreneurs/employers maintain focus on their core businesses. 

The people behind are freelance by choice, creative, and tech savvy. We want to take full command of our own careers and connect freelancers with other freelance peers in different fields and professions. We perfectly understand that just because it is freelance doesn’t equate to passive. It also doesn’t mean that you need to wait for a long time before a better offer or project comes along. Being a freelancer doesn’t mean you should be between jobs.

We understand that most of the experienced freelancers out there stumble on roadblocks in their career that make them unsure how to take the next step forward. Most freelancers make a living yet they feel and sense that it is still possible to have better clients, more satisfactory work, and improved financial security. Many freelancers and remote workers are eager to take things to a higher level but are not sure where they should invest their time and effort and look for good and helpful information.

Our Vision

The vision of is to become the number one source of top talents from the Philippines and a community that empowers and encourages all entrepreneurial independent workers. We strive hard to become to become the leading source of expert and intuitive advice for freelancers, remote workers, and other gig economy workers who don’t just want to survive but also to thrive.

Our Objectives

We will help businesses cut costs by as much as 80% when compared to hiring local talents.  We are freelancers and remote workers ourselves who have already outgrown our jobs as employees. We have it made it our objective to turn others like us into doers and eventually leaders who love and value continuous growth and learning. Give us the chance to share with your our long years of experience in organization and administration and the freelance knowledge we have to people who also want to improve their own craft. harnesses the power of freelancers and remote workers to change how the world works. As we celebrate the unique abilities of all our talents, we empower them to work smarter and better every day no matter what the future holds.  Employers can hire within days, not many weeks or months and they can fire as fast and as easy as they can without much repercussion to the business. Employers can also scale the business fast, easy and quick. They can de-scale at anytime with ease.