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Recruitment Assistant

Hire a Recruitment Assistant with outstanding communication and organizational skills to facilitate the job hiring process such as preparing for job post advertisements, scheduling calls and interviews and support recruiting teams with clerical duties.

Your human resource department may be needing help in finding and screening excellent candidates for your organization. If that is the case, you’ll definitely throw a call for a recruitment assistant.

Recruitment assistants support the hiring process. From preparing and posting jobs online, processing background checks, screening and initial phone screens, and scheduling interviews, your recruitment assistant will cover all of these duties. They also build and manage candidates’ database. In addition, they verify if a candidate has passed the main job qualifications and how relevant his skills and experience are to the role. It will then be easier for your recruitment manager to assessing potential candidates. will help you recruit the best possible candidates to be added to your team. Our recruitment assistants are fully competent in providing a smooth recruitment process as well as a pool of fully screened candidates.