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Why Hire a Pre vetted Virtual Assistant

Now that you’ve come to determine taking off mundane tasks from your plate, it’s time to proceed to the next step. Since you are to outsource tasks to someone you just met virtually you might need to carefully consider the kind of person you are giving your trust to. So before anything else, get to know your VA. This is where pre-vetting process takes place.

So, what is pre-vetting? Well, vetting candidates primarily means carefully checking someone to see if they are suitable for a certain role. The pre-vetted candidates are screened on their talents, skills, ethical work values, education and attitude. Out of hundreds or even thousands of job-seekers, they were those whom by all means manifested to stand out from the crowd.  

Here’s why you should hire a pre-vetted VA:

Avoid the risk of hiring a wrong person

Each time you recruit someone, you have to turn down hundreds of other applicants. It can be so frustrating then when you found out that you have chosen the wrong person and you let better candidates slip through your fingers. However, by choosing a person to fill in a role from the pool of vetted talents, you weren’t likely to allow good candidates go out the door. Indeed, this would help you to avoid a bad hire.

Avoid unwanted employee turnover

It may be inevitable for hiring managers to choose the wrong person. But it could be prevented. How? By selecting fully vetted candidates. Pre-vetting process decreases rate of employee turnover. Instead, it will increase the possibility to hire the finest.

Be sure that the applicant meets the initial qualification for the role. It is essential to write a clear and detailed job description that is fitting to what you really need. Is the applicant’s expertise and experience relevant to the role? By understanding the applicant’s qualification and salary requirement, you can assess whether the applicant is worth the chance to step into the next hiring process, the interview.

The Importance of Job Competence

A higher percentage of applicants may not be as true as they should be. In an effort to make themselves look more appealing to employers, some of them have often lied on their resumes. They tend to show off quite impressive skills but turned out to be actually not an expert on it. How could you identify candidates with troubling flags? A comprehensive background check is the key. Pre-vetting won’t just guarantee you to hiring a high-quality applicant. It will also give you and your company a security from workers having poor reputation and criminal backgrounds.

Attitude is essential to your business

Virtual Assistants must have a variety of skills to offer. But apart from that, a good VA must be well-mannered, too. Besides expertise and knowledge, the best thing a VA can render to a client is his excellent work ethics. Try to look back on your hustle to put up the business that you have built today. Obviously, you can’t afford to delegate your hard-earned business to someone you can’t rely on.

Hiring process indeed costs energy, time and other resources. So, before you schedule an initial interview out of that countless numbers of application letters, be sure to review the letters and pick at least the top five.

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