Top 1% Philippines

Why Philippines

The Philippines is Asia's outsourcing powerhouse, the third largest English speaking country in the world, strong cultural fit to the United States, exemplary work ethics, cost-effective, large talent pool, and strong government backing and support.

Hiring top high caliber virtual assistants, IT professionals, or any other technical talents can be a bit challenging given the strong demands for their skills. In areas with a high density of companies competing for the same talents (Seattle, New York, Silicon Valley California) you will pay top dollars.

Our solution is remote talents and professionals from the Philippines! Businesses can save 60 to 80% of operational costs (salary, allowance, and benefits). This south east Asian country is one of the largest English-speaking countries in the world, just behind United States and the United Kingdom.  Being a former colony of Spain, and later on the United States, the Philippines continues to show residue of its past. The country is still entrenched and molded with Western culture as evidenced by peoples’  daily lives, and its citizens are highly adaptable to foreign cultures.

The Philippines colleges and universities produce an addition of 600,000 to the pool of skilled and qualified talents.  It has a population of 105 million people, ranking second only to Indonesia in the south east Asia, with median age of 23 years old. Beyond just the young population with an abundant supply of manpower, the Philippines also amount to a highly educated workforce boasting a literacy rate of close to 98%.

We make finding technical talent easier and we can save you a lot of time by providing you fully vetted professionals from the Philippines. We will send you a couple of highly qualified candidates that match your skills requirement. Then you may decide whether to invite the candidates for live interview using video & audio tools like Zoom, Skype, Webex, or GoToMeeting.

We are different than most talent recruiters because we only provide you pre-screened, rigorously reviewed talent to ensure they will make positive contribution to your projects. And because of our tremendous Philippine geographic search and experience, our top virtual assistants and IT talents have faster time to perform with no risk or low risk on your end. We believe that it is smart strategic decision for business to choose the Philippines as your outsourcing destination. The cost savings and efficiency are for real. We know it is not easy to find and compete for the same talent in your city or area. But we will make it less difficult for you and your team. Try us now!